The Gadgets your smartphone has replaced

Note : The gadgets in this list are replaced for most people not all.

You carry around a gadget in your pocket everyday. A miracle of convergence. You use it for many purposes not stopping to think that there were standalone devices for those purposes. The release of the iPhone in 2007 revolutionized the smartphone market and also ambushed many others. Let us see which devices where ambushed by your smartphone!

1. Calculator


You know, you used to carry around a calculator in your pocket for .. well performing calculations. That was, I think before the year 2000. Now not many people buy calculators as they already carry one around, so why carry another? Your smartphone probably is the most expensive calculator in the world. Even then, college students and scientists still prefer advanced calculators for advanced functions even when scientific calculator apps exist.

2. MP3 player


Well we use our smartphones everyday and listening to music is a part of the usage. Ever since the 1980s , we used to carry around something or the other standalone device for carrying music around with us. Not any more, you got one device for playing music, that too good quality. Sales of MP3 players have greatly reduced and very few people still use dedicated music players. Still, dedicated MP3 players still offer some advantages like being smaller and lighter which is useful while running.

3. Portable Media Players ( PMPs)


Devices like the iPod Touch , portable DVD players, etc were popular because : 1. They were cheaper alternatives to smartphone 2. They offered a portable way to carry around and enjoy media. Now, smartphones have hit just about every price range and even the cheapest ones are pretty good. Why carry around a separate video device when you already have a reasonably sized smartphone for the same?

4. Cameras


Camera sales have been greatly hurt by smartphones. The iPhone and instagram together revolutionized the act of taking photos and Ā converted it into a social act. You carry around a camera everywhere , so there is no need for a camera. And now with smartphone cameras getting better and better, rivaling camera quality. Cameras simply cannot compete with the features of a smartphone.. Still professionals and amateurs still prefer DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras as they are better in quality and offer more versatility through lenses.

5. GPS Navigators


The popularity of smartphones have completely annihilated this segment. Who wants to buy for a GPS Nav when they have a perfectly capable and accurate one in … You guessed it,… You pocket. Also many leading GPS companies have Map apps on smartphones.

6. Radio

EPSON DSC picture

Almost No one has a dedicated radio . Their smartphones can do a more better and admirable job. You can not just tune to local stations but also stations from around the world on demand through the internet!

7. Games Consoles

The mighty Xbox One!
The mighty Xbox One!

Let us face it , no one has time to play games on consoles in their hectic lifestyle. Who does? Instead they play games while in subways or waiting in lines on their smartphones. With smartphones’ graphics coming close to console graphics, it is all the more reason for people to play on their smartphones.

8. Newspapers

newspaper (1)

This segment hasn’t been completely destroyed but everyday people are switching to either online newspapers or news aggregators like Flipboard . This is because users can tailor for themselves the news they want to hear, the content they want to read, on demand and best of all, for free!


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