The perfect companion to your Xbox One : Xbox One Media Remote

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Microsoft has made the Xbox One media remote official. It can launch, navigate and control Xbox One media apps . It also can turn on your TV or Xbox One and also change the channels, using the Kinect’s IR Blaster. The mere announcement of such a remote shows  Microsoft’s lack of faith in the Kinect’s voice and media capabilities.

A neat addition is that of motion controlled backlights; The remote lights up as soon as you pick it up. There is also a dedicated OneGuide button for Xbox One’s TV guide feature by the same name.  It is an alternative for people who are frustrated by the Kinect’s sometimes innacurate  voice recognition. It is a desperate attempt by Microsoft to rope in more customers as the Xbox One is already behind the PS4 in terms of sales. It will be available globally by March 2014 .

Lost Steve Jobs capsule opened after 30 years!

Currently , there is no way to travel back in time. We may have to wait for a long time till a time machine is invented; till then, the closest thing to going back in time is to open a time capsule of that era. A time capsule is basically a box or locker, filled with that time’s iconic stuff and memorabilia and then buried. The time capsule is supposed to be opened at the time decided while burying the time capsule. Steve Jobs too had a time capsule, buried in 1980 and supposed to be opened in 2000 after 20 years. But fate intervenes and lo and behold, the exact location of the Steve Jobs capsule was lost, seemingly forever. Fast forward to 2014 and the capsule has been found and opened thanks to the TV show, ‘Diggers’ .


The time capsule just before it was buried in 1980.
The time capsule just before it was buried in 1980.

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RetroGeek : Geek Icons : Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is an iconic device. Whenever someone thinks of phones before 2007 the image of the Nokia 3310 comes to mind. With it’s monochrome 84*48 pixel screen and week-long lasting battery, the Nokia 3310 is a a fond memory in everyone’s minds. Continue reading RetroGeek : Geek Icons : Nokia 3310