Samsung announces Galaxy Gear 2 along with smaller brother

Gear 2 Neo ( Left), Gear 2 ( Right)

It is unusual for a company to release a second generation of a product just 6 months after it’s release. But when that first gen product is an EPIC fail, the company has to release then second version as soon as possible.

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Gear 2 with major improvements over the first generation. The first gen model seems half-baked compared to this.

Design largely remains the same with the smartwatches largely conforming to the design of the first generation.

Rumours of the Galaxy Gear 2  are right on the mark about the specs.

The Gear 2 also comes in a Neo variation with the major difference being the Neo version has no camera.

One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of Tizen as the default OS rather than Android ( The previous one had a modified version of Android on it); Samsung has labelled Tizen as the de-facto OS for wearables. With many devices going smart, Samsung may back Tizen as it’s chosen OS for other Smart Devices.

The camera module is now on the main watch body rather than the strap, opening possibilities of changeable wrist straps.

Compatibility also has been extended to 12 more Samsung devices ( Still no compatibility for other Android devices )

The internals also get a boost with 1Ghz dual core processor ( The previous version had a 800Mhz Single core one) and 512MB RAM and 4GB Storage ( Same as before). It has the same 1.63 inch 320*320 pixel display as the first Galaxy Gear.

Like the rumours predicted, the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo both sport ( pun intended) fitness features : Heat rate sensors and exercise modes.

The next gen smartwatches also have a built in music player feature with the ability to  output music via Bluetooth, taking it a step closer to being a standalone device.

It also has an IR blaster so that you have a small remote on your wrist, always.

The Galaxy Gear 2 Neo is also lighter than the Gear 2, due to the exclusion of the camera ( 1.91 ounces vs 2.4 ounces ).

Both will be available by April in Charcoal Black and Wild Orange with one exclusive colour for both:  Mocha Grey for Gear 2 Neo and Gold Brown for the Gear 2.

Prices have not yet been announced, most probably will be revealed on Samsung’s ‘Unpacked 5’ event on 24th February.

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UPDATE : We have done an MWC 2014 roundup where we have rounded up all of MWC 2014’s news in one place for your convenience. Do check it out!


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