Blackphone : An Android phone for those who value their privacy

Blackphone hero
The phone you see above is called the BlackPhone. It is an Android phone focused around the concept of privacy and exists for making everything you do on your phone as secure as possible.
With Privacy increasingly becoming scarce and awareness about it spreading after the NSA revelations, this phone is there to protect your privacy.
But if you are some criminal or druglord reading this article, sorry to say, this wouldn’t keep the NSA’s prying hands out. Even the phone’s makers agree : “There is no such device that is NSA-proof, If you are on the terrorist wanted list or a criminal, intelligence services will get into your device… There’s no such thing as 100% secure phone.” says Silent Circle co-founder.
It is a phone that was a result of a partnership between  Silent Circle,  a US c ompany that provides apps for secure communication and GeeksPhone, a Spanish Smartphone startup.
Phil Zimmerman, creator of email privacy software PGP and Jon Callas, a cryptographer, both part of SilentCircle, knew that to be as secure as possible, they had to make both the OS and the device.
So they heavily modified the open source Android OS to make it as secure as possible and also loaded it up with Silent Circle’s secure communication apps ( 2 year subscription ), 5 GB Encrypted Cloud storage from SpiderOak and VPN for anonymous browsing from .
They named the final product as Blackphone and it’s OS as ‘PrivatOS’
PrivatOS allows users to  “to control every part of what data their phone is leaking, their calls, their contacts, their web browsing and what any app put on their phone can do.”
The phone’s specs : 4.7 inch 720p ( HD ) screen, 2.0 Ghz System-On-a-chip chipset,  2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, 8 MP primary camera with flash and 1.3 MP front camera.
The phone will sell only unlocked for $629, presumably to reduce outside intervention as much as possible.
Users can preorder now; The units will ship in June 2014.
UPDATE : We have done an MWC 2014 roundup where we have rounded up all of MWC 2014’s news in one place for your convenience. Do check it out!

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