Nokia Press Conference at MWC 2014

MWC 2014 has officially begun! Although some manufacturers held press conferences yesterday, today is the official day – 24th of MWC. Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest mobile events of the year. Today Nokia held a press conference at MWC and announced many new products : The much awaited Nokia Normandy and two feature phones.

Nokia X and Nokia X+ aka Nokia Normandy 

This was the biggest announcement of the event, one that may potentially be the big break that Nokia needs.

While the Microsoft-Nokia deal hasn’t yet been completed, Nokia dropped a bombshell in the form of a Nokia Android phone.

Isn’t this something? Nokia has unveiled a product whose very existence is a competetitor to one of Microsoft’s products. Once the Microsoft – Nokia deal is finalized, will the Nokia X phone still remain in production? Or will Microsoft pressure Nokia to take it off the shelves?  Very puzzling. Maybe that’s why Nokia’s Android phone was named with the variable ‘X’ : It’s future is uncertain.

The Nokia X and the Nokia X+ both have 4 inch screens and what looks to be a heavily skinned version of Android.

The only difference between the two is that the X+ has more storage and an SD card slot.

They have Dual-SIM slots and will be available in many colours.

With a 1Ghz Qualcomm Dual Core processor, this phone isn’t a performance fiend, or a flagship for that matter.

It is a bit thick at 10mm and weighs in a 128gm.

Both phones have a 3MP camera and a 1500mAh battery.

Both the phones will have access to “hundreds of thousands” of apps at launch. But no, not from the official Android market, but from Nokia’s own curated high quality app store.

You can also download from other app stores or sideload but the Google Playstore is missing.

No worry, you can have all your Android apps! Nokia’s store is just a curated version of Google Play, where all the good apps are there and the bad ones are left behind.

  • The Nokia store is optimized for growth economy purchase models.
  • “We help developers with different monetization methods for emerging markets, including try and buy and operator billing.”
  • Operating billing is up in 60 markets already.

Instead of Google’s cloud services, the phone will be preloaded with Microsoft’s cloud service : OneDrive .

The skinned version of Android on the Nokia X and the X+  is “directly influenced by Windows Phone OS , with ‘live tiles’ ”

It has a feature called ‘Glance screen’ which allows you to see the time without even touching the device.

You can personalize your home screen and also reorganize and resize the tiles.

Fast Lane is a place where your most commonly used apps, music and history lie for easy access.

Nokia X devices will also have Nokia’s HERE Maps and Mix Radio.

Need a bigger phone? No problem, Nokia also has a larger 5 inch WVGA display one for you!
It has a 5MP AF rear camera with flash and a 2MP front camera

Oh Goodie, there are freebies too!
Nokia X buyers will get 1 month of Skype unlimited calls for free!
You also get 10 GB of OneDrive storage .
Nokia X will retail for 89 euros, X+  for 99 euros and finally the XL for 109 Euros.
Elop stresses upon the point that Lumia will still be and always will be Nokia’s primary focus.
Now for the rest:

Feature Phones

Nokia Asha 230, ” The most afforable Asha touch device”

The Asha 230 will retail for only 45 Euros, aimed for developing markets.

The Asha has the same software as the other Ashas. But the entire Asha series is about to get a major software update.

The new update will introduce Asha devices to Microsoft’s revamped cloud service : OneDrive .

It will also have access to free mix radio. It’s imaging capabilities have also been made better.

Nokia 220

The Nokia 220 is the world’s most affodable phone with internet access.

It costs 29 euros and “will open a life time of possibilities”

It has a 2MP camera too!

“Affordable way for people to connect and gather on the Internet. Using Twitter and Facebook apps, they can be part of the global conversations.”

It is supposed to be someone’s first taste into the world of mobiles. Someone’s first gateway to the Internet.

The phone will be available in both single SIM and Dual SIM variants and will be available in 5 colours : Cyan,  White, Yellow, Black and Red.

With 2 ultra affordable smartphones and 1 Android smartphone, Nokia seems to be targeting developing markets and also widening it’s reach. This is the start of a new era of Microsoft. With great phones at every price point, Nokia’s bane was the lack of apps. Now with the release of it’s first Android phone, it is a majore milestone. If Nokia is able to integrate Android with it’s flagship products, maybe an Android 1020, people will flock back to Nokia as the combination of great hardware and great software is simply irresistible. Nokia might, just might, grow back into the behemoth it once was : Nokia just has to play it’s cards right.

UPDATE : We have done an MWC 2014 roundup where we have rounded up all of MWC 2014’s news in one place for your convenience. Do check it out!


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