Samsung Press Conference at MWC 2014 ( Unpacked 5 )

The time has come. Samsung’s press conference has begun and we’re there for giving you everything about it. Samsung’s event may be MWC 2014’s biggest event. It  may feature the launch of the hugely awaited Galaxy S5, successor to the succesful Galaxy S4. Will the Korean Giant, the company which forms a majority of Android sales, wow the world again? Read on to find out. Samsung has already released the S5’s companion : The Galaxy Gear 2 on 23rd. With that out of the way, Samsung’s event can fully focus on it’s next flagship : The Galaxy S5


Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone

Yes, we know you are probably jumping up and down with excitement. This is the big event! Read on.. The next phone from Samsung has been revealed.

Like the rumours predicted, it has a water resistant and dustproof design. To be exact, it is IP67 certified meaning it can be submerged in 3 feet water for upto 30 minutes.

The plastic that looks like metal ( Chrome) still runs around the phone. The phone still has a majorly plastic design.

But turn the phone over and instead of plastic, you will find a soft dimpled finish that Samsung calls  “Modern Glam” . Although it is not the metal phone that many wanted, it is still better than the S4.

Samsung Galaxy S5 It is slightly bigger than the S4 courtesy of it’s 5.1 inch Full HD (1920*1080 pixels) AMOLED display ( Not it is not Quad HD . Bummer. Though you wouldn’t be able to see the difference any way…so)

The internals are where the real changes are. With a quad core 2.5Ghz  Snapdragon processor, the S5 is on paper the fastest flagship money can buy. It also has got 2 GB of RAM and a larger battery ( 2800mAh) , which Samsung claims despite the beefier processor can offer 20% more battery life than it’s predecessor, the S4.

It has got 16GB internal storage and expandable through MicroSD to upto 128 GB, more than you will ever need.


The camera has also recieved an update with a 16MP sensor and support for 4K (What is 4K?) recording. Due to the powerful processor, the S5 can handle realtime HDR ( High Dynamic Range video, goodie! ) without breaking a sweat.

The camera has the world’s first hybrid autofocus  in a smartphone.(Phase detection!)

The sensor is larger with a new chipset for image procesding which results in the world’s fastest smartphone autofocus: 0.03 secs ( That is pretty damn fast! You can now shoot fast moving objects!)

The interface has been simplified, too.

On, the software side, the S5 runs the latest version of Android ( 4.4.2) with a TouchWiz interface.

The S-Health app also has been updated, adding support for the Galaxy Gear 2 and a few other improvements.

Samsung also has introduce Ultra Power Saving Mode, in which the screen goes completely black and white ( Due to the AMOLED, this helps save battery a lot ) Samsung has integrated a heat rate sensor on the back which can track your heart rate in about 5 – 10 secs.

It also has a fingerprint scanner which can be used for both unlocking the phone and authenticating purchases. It is activated by swiping up on the home button. It can store upto 3 prints. But reviewers at the event found that the S5’s fingerprint scanner was unreliable at best, with it requiring to move your finger with just the right speed, else it won’t activate and you are locked out of your own phone.

It has LTE category 4, WI-FI ac with MIMO  along with download booster software to overall increase your network speed.

The Galaxy S5 will launch worldwide on April 11 in four colours : Black , White, Blue and Gold. Prices haven’t yet been announced.

Will the Galaxy S5 live up to the Galaxy line’s legacy? Does it represent the best of what Samsung is?


Galaxy Gear FIT

Like the rumours predicted, Samsung has launched a fitness-focused version of the Galaxy Gear.

The Galaxy Gear FIT gives notifications about missed calls, messages, etc and also tracks your activity during the day. It also monitors your heart rate.

It has got a curved touch sensitive Super AMOLED display, which according to Samsung is the first of it’s kind.

It is quite light, just 27 Grams!

It is water and dust resistant, too. All data collected by the Gear FIT will be analyzed by S5’s S-Health.

On launch, it will be compatible with 20 Galaxy devices.

It is available in  black, red and orange.

Samsung has launched two devices at the Unpacked 5 event at MWC 2014 : 1 Flagship and one wearable.

Both seem to be focused on Fitness..

With many major manufacturers releasing a wearable, 2014 seems to be the year of the wearable.

Both look awesome.  Will they carry on the poularity and the legacy of Samsung?

That is the question.

UPDATE : We have done an MWC 2014 roundup where we have rounded up all of MWC 2014’s news in one place for your convenience. Do check it out!


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