This Sansisk MicroSD card packs in a whopping 128 GB of memory!

MicroSD card are the goto standard for  memory cards for Tablets and Smartphones. Till now, you had to make do with 64 GB of memory, which is to be honest, a lot : But Sandisk just went ahead and unveiled the Sandisk SDXC with a whopping 128 GB of memory, more memory than you will ever need.
How did Sandisk manage to pack in such a huge amount of memory in such small dimensions ( 11* 15mm)? Sandisk says it had  “developed an innovative proprietary technique that allows for 16 memory die to be vertically stacked,” and the interesting thing is, the size of one memory die is thinner than one strand of human hair!
It is a Class 10 card with a minimum read-write speed of 10 mbps, as what will you do with a high capacity card that is slow?
It will be available only on Amazon and BestBuy initially and it is pricey. Real Pricey. You would have to shell out $199 for one! That is the price of most locked smartphones!
For now, only one phone is compatible with it: The Galaxy S5. It is expected that all phones from 2014 will have 128 GB MicroSD card support.
We have gone from 128 MB memory cards to 128 GB memory cards and have come full circle!
UPDATE : We have done an MWC 2014 roundup where we have rounded up all of MWC 2014’s news in one place for your convenience. Do check it out!

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