Samsung announces $320 Chromebook, will release next month

Chromebooks. They are versatile little devices for the people who spend most of their time on the internet: Be it browsing, streaming or even working in Google Drive. Chromebooks come with Google’s ChromeOS whom’s main concept is revolved around the internet. They can’t run Windows apps but you can put Linux on it with some tweaking. The main advantage to a Chromebook is it’s price. They come at budget prices and are still fast and durable.

Samsung has announced the Chromebook 2 which will retail from next month for about $320.

It has a leather clad design which gives it a premium feel. It will come in two variations : a 11.6 inch one and a 13 inch one.

The 13 inch version will cost you an extra $80 at $400. That is quite a lot more than Samsung’s previous Chromebook which retailed for around $250.

It has a Full HD screen ( 1920*1080 ), which is the highest in the entire Chromebook line. It has a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa ARM processor paired with 4 gigs of RAM which may not seem like much but ChromeOS can run with nary a stutter on the slowest of hardware. Besides it is the same processor which powers the higher end smartphones of Samsung, so it does pack some power, after all.

But if you buy the 11.6 inch one, the display will be downgraded to a bit more than HD (1366*768) and the processor will also be a bit slower(1.9 Ghz vs 2.1 Ghz). But that is where the differences end, with both coming with 16 GB internal ( Small, But Google wants you to use the cloud for everything, so.) along with a MicroSD card slot, should you feel that the internal is too less .

Both pack in Wifi ac, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 port, HDMI and a USB 3.0 port .

The larger one will come in Black and White colours while the smaller one is limited to the ‘Titan Gray’ colour. Samsung promises for upto 8.5 hrs of battery life for the bigger model while 8 hours for the smaller one.

What remains to be seen, is whether the new models will live up to the success of the previous one.


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