Cortana: The much rumoured Microsoft’s rival to Siri

Our smartphones are becoming smarter day by day. Today’s most prevalent Smartphone OSes (iOS and Android) have their own AI software (Siri for Apple and Google Now for Android). But the industry’s third biggest player, Microsoft still hasn’t brought it’s own AI to the battlefield. Is Cortana Microsoft’s move against Apple and Google?

Rumours point to Microsoft’s AI being named ‘Cortana’, yes after the AI in the famed ‘Halo’ series. It will feature a mix of functionality of Google Now and Siri.  It will most prrobably come with the Windows Phone 8.1 update.

It will replace Microsoft’s Bing search feature and will have a personality much like Apple’s own Siri. It will have a circular icon which will animate when it is ‘Thinking’ .

You will be able to customize what information is accessible to Cortana and Cortana will only grow more intelligent with age as it knows more about you. Information such as latest appointments, locations, etc would be shared with Cortana . You can customize what is accessible by a feature called the Notebook.

Cortana will also sort trough your mails and if it finds something like “Meet me tomorrow at 2”, it will ask you whether to set a remainder or not. And if you look for air tickets online, it may notify you about your flight.  Very similar to Google Now.

It will also have a ‘Do NOT Disturb’ feature which will mute all incoming notifications, except important ones which should be specified before. This can come in handy while you are busy.


You may also be able to customize how Cortana calls you.

Will Cortana finally be the answer to Windows Phone’s success? Will it be a worthy rival? Is it’s voice recognition good enough?

We may have to wait for Microsoft’s BUILD conference in April where they will reveal the full package of Windows Phone 8.1 features, along with, hopefully, Cortana.

Source: The Verge


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