Twitch plans to bring game broadacting to a smartphone near you… is a service that recently went wildly popular due to it’s hosting of the world’s biggest Pokemon multiplayer game. It allows anyone to broadcast their games and Twitch recently announced that it wants to bring the broadcasting craze to a smartphone near you.

Twitch announced it is developing a software kit which will enable developers to integrate video and audio broadcasting support, in addition to the player’s audio through microphone in their games.

Yeah, then you will be able to broadcast to the world about your EPIC run in Subway Surfers.

Twitch is rapidly expanding and can no longer be ignored. It is the preferred broadcasting network of choice for the next-gen consoles (PS4 and the Xbox One). With this announcement, Twitch is showing that it wants to increase it’s user base further.

Game Broadcasting and streaming has long since existed on YouTube with many chaps making footage of their games. But it is only recently that platforms for live Game Broadcasting have started appearing.

Gaming is growing more social day by day. During the initial years of reign of the PS3 and the Xbox 360, we didn’t see much emphasis on social features. But due to the popularity of smartphones and the expansion of social networks, social features have become ‘Must-haves’.

UPDATE: Twitch has signed up Gameloft as it’s first developer for Game streaming. Asphalt 8 is getting game streaming this week.


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