Facebook gives NewsFeed a redesign. Again.

Facebook has a penchant for trying out new designs every now and then. Last year, it announced  some new designs .

It announced a complete redesign of the Newsfeed which brings it to the new generation with a minimalistic and uncluttered design. Facebook has actually been testing this design for months, perfecting everything.

The new design will roll out to users over the course of the next weeks. Facebook was earlier testing out a redesign but scrapped it due to the bad response from the testers.

The new design makes use of two new fonts: Helvetica and Arial, the icons have also been given a touch up. The new design gives particular emphasis to photos, due to which the photos are displayed larger.

Facebook removes the drop down menu for feeds and moves them back to their original home: The left sidebar. Some News Feeds including “All Friends,” “Groups,” and “Photos” have been removed.

The Helvetica font will be displayed if you are viewing on a Mac while the Arial one is used if you are using a PC.

Facebook says it introduced the new design because the old design was “challenging to use” for some users. The new design is supposed to be simple and easy for anyone to use.

The new design generally looks uncluttered and is minimalistic. ‘Minimalism’ seems to be the new design trend with many companies (Latest being Facebook) joining in on the trend.


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