Microsoft leaks Windows 8.1 update


Waiting for the next version of Windows, i.e Windows 8.1, which you are hoping will fix everything that was unhinged by Windows 8? You are in luck.

Microsoft briefly put it on public Windows Update servers, hoping no one will be able to guess that it is indeed Windows 8.1, due to the changed name. The update was meant for Microsoft employees but it was foiled. Some people tweaked a thing or too to fool the servers into thinking they are, in fact employees and downloaded the update.

Microsoft quickly identified the hole and closed it as soon as it could. But the damage was done. It’s update is now available to anyone on file sharing services like Dropbox and Mega.

You too can download and install one now from here. 

Installing steps can be found here ( The instructions for Linux also apply for Windows)

We wouldn’t recommend making it your default one or even installing it as it is an early version and is bound to have bugs, performance issues and security holes, maybe even big ones.

The new version brings along lots of changes to make Windows 8 more palatable and attractive for non-Touch users (They are there, you know). The taskbar now also appears in the Start screen and Modern apps. There is now a full shutdown shortcut on the Start screen (A feature that many users were clamoring for and was curiously left behind in Windows 8). You can pin Modern apps to the taskbar and more changes.

Windows 8.1 is Microsoft’s next move, it’s only chance to get everyone to like it again. Will Windows 8.1 finally be the success that Windows 8 never was?

We will know the answers soon when Windows 8.1 officially releases.


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