Samsung announces new music streaming service, named Milk Music (?!)

Nowadays, no one keeps music on storage. A few years ago, you wouldn’t be a geek if you didn’t have hoards of music stored on numerous harddrives. Now, the times have have changed: You are old school if you don’t store music in the cloud or listen to music streaming services.

Hoarding music? That’s is so old school! Since the internet became more accessible, streaming music has become much more popular and is currently on of the most used forms for listening  to music.

Samsung has announced a new music streaming service, limited only to Galaxy smartphones, following the lines of Apple (iTunes Radio). It is called ‘Milk Music’ (Couldn’t they have chosen a better name?), presumably their tagline is “Milk more music out of your smartphone” (Get it?).

Milk Music will be competing against established bigwigs in the industry such as Spotify, Pandora, etc and more recently Apple iTunes Radio.

Like most other Music streaming services, it will be free to use and also has no ads.

It will be compatible with the Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 mini at launch (No love for the Galaxy S2?!). Samsung hasn’t announced whether the support will be increased to further devices or not. And of course, it will be compatible with it’s current flagship, the Galaxy S5 when it launches.

It also has a simple and attractive interface, which is necessary to make a lasting impression on the user.

It has a central dial using which you can change stations (Gives the old school vibe)

It is powered by SlackMusic and has access to over 13 million songs at launch. That seems huge, but when you consider Spotify’s 20 million strong library, it still has a long way to go.

You can cache songs for when you are without access to the internet. For seamless switching, it downloads the first 8 seconds of every song on the dial.

You are limited to six song skips in an hour.

It is currently available in the Play Store. It currently is limited to the United States which is only logical considering the US one of the largest  consumer of music.

Now let us come to the elephant in the room (Who can miss it?):

Will Samsung’s Milk Music be able to attract many users, especially when it is only limited to Galaxy phones (Which, make no mistake, are popular)? That is the big question.


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