iOS 7.1 is finally here! And it has got CarPlay support!

Apple releases iOS 7.1, complete with CarPlay support and UI changes

iOS 7 was the biggest change in the history of iOS. It had aesthetic changes and also had some underlying changes. A new form of multitasking was introduced. But it also broke iOS’ stability, performance and battery life.

The iPhone 4 lagged and stuttered at every corner in iOS 7 while chugging along smoothly in iOS 6.  Also, battery was affected for all iOS devices.

For long, it was proposed and rumored that iOS 7.1 will fix everything that was broken in iOS 7.

iOS 7.1 is now here and all devices that can run iOS 7 can run iOS 7.1. Don’t remember which? Don’t worry, let us refresh your memory: iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPad Mini with Retina Display and iPad Air.

Now that iOS 7.1 is here, let us look at the changes:


You can now use CarPlay! Yep, iOS 7 has caught up and now you can make use of Apple’s incar infotainment system! It basically is your iPhone, just a bigger screen and a simpler UI (Like a second display. It displays whatever is on your iPhone). You can now use Siri, take calls, navigate, etc handsfree without taking your eyes off the road.

There are also some UI refinements/tweaks.

Siri also has got something new. You can now press down on the home button the entire time you are talking to it and when you take off your hand, it will know that you are done and will close. Over the course of the update, Siri learns Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese.

This is an addition to the Stop talking-Close Siri feature first introduced in iOS 7.

This update also fixes the random reboot problem that iPhone 5s users have been complaining about.

Performance improvements tailored for iPhone 4.

iTunes Radio now allows users to create their own stations . You can now access iTunes Match through mobile devices. And you can buy albums with a single tap, earlier you could just buy individual songs.

The fingerprint reader, i.e TouchID is also faster and more accurate. This means less false rejections and even faster recognition (Which already is pretty damn fast)

The camera app also gets an update. It is limited to the 5s. The camera automatically determines when HDR mode is needed and fires it up without user intervention. HDR means the taking of photos with different exposures and merge them to form one picture with more details and dynamic range. Useful for scenes with contrasting colours (Eg. White on Black)

The Calendar app gains a monthly view for upcoming events and also has got  holidays, by country.

iOS 7.1 is a huge update and introduces many features. The new update is a refinement of iOS 7. iOS 7 was sort of work in progress. With performance and stability improvements, iOS 7.1 is what iOS 7 should have been in the first place.


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