Instagram launches redesigned app for Android. Faster and Better.

Good news Instagram lovers! Instagram has dropped a huge update for Android. It is faster, has got aesthetic upgrades and is overall better.

Instagram has gotten a redesign and is much less resource heavy and Instagram claims that it is so light that everything will load up in half the time that it took with the earlier version.

So yeah, you won’t have to wait much for a profile to load.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.09.14 PM

It has got a simpler UI and icons look flattened. Out goes Skeumorphism design and in comes Flat design. That has been the trend with Manufacturers, with the most prominent being Apple’s iOS 7. It is the same story with Instagram and the interface has been given a flatter look.

It is inline with it’s current owner, Facebook’s NewsFeed update.


It has also been optimized for lower end devices like the Galaxy Y which makes for a more enjoyable experience on lower resolution or slower devices.

Overall, this is a hige update and is an overhaul to Instagram for Android, actually. The under-the-hood cogs and gears have been changed and oiled up to move more smoothly and it shows. Go to the Play store and grab the update now!


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