NVIDIA unveils super power efficent GTX 800M Laptop Graphics cards

Nvidia's New Laptop Cards Are Battery-Saving Scorchers

Gaming laptops aren’t known for their stellar battery life. They only offer power, not portability. If you need to have an all night long gaming session, you needed to ensure that a power outlet was nearby.

“Imagine a car where you’ve duct-taped the accelerator to the floor. That’s what notebooks are doing today,” says NVIDIA

Not anymore, NVIDIA is looking to change that with it’s new GTX 800M line graphics cards. NVIDIA automatically throttles your CPU, Memory and GPU performance to render fewer frames per second when you are away from a power outlet.

The throttling is enough to make it battery efficient while also not being too much which can hinder your experience. In fact, you won’t notice much of a difference in most games.


You can control the throttling amount in your NVIDIA card’s dashboard. It is named BatteryBoost. You can choose the throttling for each game separately. But it is best to leave them at auto and leave NVIDIA to figure it out. The settings come into use the second you pull the plug and your laptop is mobile.

NVIDIA says with sufficiently low settings, you can almost double the battery life. But you are warned, don’t go too low, or your games will either not run at all or run unbearably slow.


The new cards are also faster with the lower end GTX 850M getting 60% performance improvement and the higher end GTX 880M getting a 15% performance improvement.

They also have some features that are normally only found on NVIDIA’s Desktop series GPUs: Shadowplay to record and broadcast gameplay and Gamestream to stream games to NVIDIA Shield, a handheld console.


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