Razer unveils the Blade: Quite possibly the best gaming laptop.

Razer refreshes its Blade gaming laptops with NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs, multitouch support

Think of what comes to you mind when you think of a gaming laptop. What come to the mind? Thick? Bulky? Menacing? Powerful? Well, with the new Razer blade, you can cross off the first two from off your list cause the new Blade is thin. And light. Boy, it is so thin and light that it actually deserves to belong in an entirely new category: Gaming Ultrabooks.

Razer has being making gaming ultrabooks and packing in powerful tech in impossibly small enclosures with it’s Blade series. This is the Blade’s 3rd iteration.

What is a gaming laptop without power?


The Razer gaming laptop is power packed, enough to play Crysis in all it’s glory. Anytime. Anywhere. One of the drawbacks of the previous Blade was the lacklustre low-res screen which prevented gamers from bleeding with delight at the sheer power of it. Razer has fixed it and has one-upped everyone in the market. And a biggie it is: It has got a 3200*1800 IPS 10 point Multitouch screen, which make for 5760000 pixels of delight. You have to see it to believe it and now, you can interact directly with the AMAZING screen using touch!

It will come in two models a 14 inch and a 17 inch one. The 14 inch model will have an Intel Haswell i7-4702HQ CPU and a NVIDIA GTX 870M GPU with 3GB GDDR5 and 8 GB RAM.

The 17 inch one has an i7 4700HQ processor and a NVIDIA GTX 860M with 2GB GDDR5 and 16 GB RAM. It is slower than the 14 inch one, but is no slouch. Sadly, it doesn’t have the same amazing screen of it’s smaller brother and has the same 1080p non touch matte screen of the previous model. Razer said the Matte screen is less reflective and touch would be cumbersome on a 17 inch screen.

It also has got Razer’s Switchboard UI, which is really cool. It basically consists of 10 keys with LED display on them, an LCD driven touchpad/touchscreen along with a suite of apps.

The Haswell Processor along with the NVIDIA GTX 800M series GPUs, both of which offer great performance combined with efficiency, come together to get 6 hours of productivity and 2-3 hours of ‘hard-core PC gaming’

How much do I have to shell out?

The Razer Blade Pro will ship out at the end of the month for $2299 while the Razer Blade will come out later at $2199. It is a bit steep , if you ask us.

Strangely, the Razer Blade is better specced than the Pro and is cheaper. Whether you will shell out $100 more for a larger non-touch screen, Switch Board UI, more RAM and slower hardware, it is upto you.


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