RetroGeek: The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), reimagined in Aluminium, 30 years after it’s inception

The NES is an unforgettable console. It changed gaming as we know it. If it wasn’t for the NES, you wouldn’t be playing Video games. The Video Game industry was just a baby and it was already dying. Then came the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 which brought down the entire industry and almost killed it. Then was born the NES, out of Nintendo. With the introduction of great games such as Mario, Donkey Kong, etc the NES held it’s own and single handedly brought back the video game industry back on it’s feet and made it more profitable than ever. With rising innovation and amazing games, the NES still outsold consoles with better graphics and is and always will be a fond memory in everyone’s minds. Even now, with modern slick graphics, many pro-gamers prefer the NES’ simple graphics but powerful gameplay to today’s realistic graphics with poor gameplay.

The NES still lives on in the form of emulators and ROMs and NESs are being sold for exorbitant prices on Ebay by collectors who want to have a taste of the past.

Analogue Interactive is a company that sells retro consoles with re-imagined designs. They are famous for making Nat Geos with Wooden enclosures.

Their latest addition? The Analogue Nt. It is basically an NES machined out of a single block of aluminium. It truly is a beauty to behold and has an elegance to it. It breathes new life into the old console.

The guts are that of the orignal, only made better electronically. It is compatible with all Famicom and NES games and can support upto 4 controllers. You can connect it to any TV be it a modern HDTV or the old CRT, for the true retro experience. And since it has the original guts, you can depend on it to run your games, unlike other clones in the market.

Pricing hasn’t been announced. But since it has the orignal guts and has been meticulously redesigned, expect the price tag to be exorbitant.

Relive your childhood. Once more.


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