Amazon Prime now costs $99 instead of $79

Amazon Prime Will Cost $20 More a Year, Starting April 17th

(Image by MikeBlogs under Creative Commons license.)

Amazon Prime is one of the best deals you can find online: free 2 day shipping, free access to Kindle Library, unlimited access to Amazon’s streaming service, exclusive discounts and goodies. It is almost too good to be true.

We all knew it was coming. Amazon has asked for customers to shell out $20 more i.e $99 per year, previously it was $79. Think you can escape the hike, cause you are a student? Nope. Students too have to shell out $49 up $10 from the previous $39.

Prime free shipping is applicable on a wide range of products. You get free unlimited access to Amazon’s huge streaming library. And, so Amazon states this variety and value as the reason for the hike. This is the first  hike to Prime since it was introduced in 2005. Prime has grown substantially since it was first introduced and it seems it was necessary for Amazon to hike the price.

The hike will be implemented from April 17th and customers signing up before that can get the $79 price. So, if you are on the fence about a Prime membership, act fast, else you would have to shell out $20 more. Existing and new members will have to pay the new price to renew their Prime membership when it ends (1 year period).

It still remains the best darned deal you will ever find online. Amazon Prime, despite the hike still offers great value.


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