More leaks about iOS 8 appear (Including how it looks!)

(Yeah that is iOS 8, according to 9to5mac)

Recently we did a piece that iOS 8 may sport a revamped Maps service. Since then many leaks have surfaced from 9to5mac, a reliable source for such information. There is also a photo of how it looks and it does look remarkably similar to iOS 7.

Notice the four new apps? Healthbook, Tips, Preview and TextEdit. Healthbook . HealthBook will of course be for Fitness and is rumored as a companion to Apple’s Rumored smartwatch and will provide information such as calories burnt, distance, heart rate, etc.


HealthBook will also work with the iPhone’s battery efficient M7 microprocessor, to completely track you daily activities and give you data for how to improve.

iOS 8 will be even more cloud focused and Apple will be focused on making the cloud experience more seamless. The TextEdit and Preview apps will be used for viewing Text files and PDFs respectively from iCloud. The Text files and PDFs may be automatically synced by a Mac to your iCloud account by the TextEdit and Preview apps for Mac which recently gained iCloud synchronisation. The apps will feature simple editing tools but are mainly for just viewing the files.

This will bridge the apps between the operating systems and make the cloud even more easier and seamless.

Apple also is considering to move iTunes Radio into a separate app to boost usage. It currently is a part of the Music application. By having a standalone app, the usage could be significantly increased.

With iOS 7, the Notification Centre gained a tabular design with ‘Today’, ‘Notifications’ and ‘Missed’. iOS 8 may possibly see the ‘Missed’ tab’s removal and put it into the Notifications tab along with other notifications. This will make the Notification Centre more minimal, elegant and streamlined.

One of the complaints echoed with iOS 7 was the lack of inter-app communication. If you wanted to export something to another app, it will copy the data instead of exporting it resulting in waste of storage. Apple reportedly is testing inter-app communication for iOS 8. This means you may finally be able to directly upload an image to a social network from the editing app itself. Such a feature was present in Android from it’s very inception, so it comes as a surprise that Apple is adding it only now.

The Game Center app might also be removed and the social gaming features would be integrated into the app itself.

It seems, iOS 8 will be a functionality upgrade rather than an aesthetic one. It seems to add big features and small changes here and there which all come together for one significant update. We are all waiting for the next version of iOS and judging by the rumors, iOS 8 will be accompanied by the long rumored iWatch.

UPDATE: New rumors give information about Heathbook in detail. Read our article on that.


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