Dreaming of a device that boots both Android and Windows? Keep dreaming, Microsoft and Google out to stop such devices

Asus' Transformer Book Duet runs both Windows and Android.

Many people are on the fence between Windows and Android. One is for productivity and One is for entertainment. So what to do? Put both of them in one device.

That was the brilliant idea that ASUS had and showcased with the Transformer Duet at CES 2014. It was an interesting device and had many coming back for more.

But, according to the Washington Journal, the ASUS Transformer Duet has been scrapped due to protests from Google and Microsoft about the existence of both their software in one device.

So, any device from any manufacturer has to have JUST one operating system, of either Google or Microsoft else they will be exorcised/expelled from both communities. As simple as that.

Also according to WSJ, the Dual-OS PC that ASUS had released earlier, which had received positive response from reviewers is also getting the axe.

Not only ASUS but many other companies were betting on dual-OS devices. Too bad Google and Microsoft have ruined their dreams.

The company that was betting most on Dual OS devices was Intel. It even had SoCs (System on a Chip) that could run both for god’s sake!

It seems Microsoft doesn’t want Android encroaching into it’s stronghold: The Desktop and Android doesn’t want to give Microsoft a piece of it’s mobile empire.

It is unfortunate that the war between desktop and mobile software giants prevents us from having some fun by having both.


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