Valve unveils the redesigned Steam Machine Controller

Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

Valve has built itself a fortune with it’s Steam client for purchasing games. Now Valve is focusing on dominating on the software side of things. Last year, we saw the unveiling of the Steam Machine, Valve’s stand on how a console should be.

It had on SteamOS, a variant of Linux, designed by Valve. But it had one peculiarity: It’s controller was bizarre; It had a touchscreen smack in the middle of it with 4 buttons on it’s corners. But Valve has shown of some pics of it’s new redesign and they do look awesome…and less bizarre. It still has two touchpads in the place of analogue sticks, though.

Here is the comparison of the old and the new. Left is the new one and right is the old design:

Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

The Face buttons are on the right and no doubt gamers will appreciate the addition of a D-Pad, i.e a direction buttons on the left.

This makes it more likely to receive ports from existing console and PC games.

Steam Machine is competing against bigwigs such as the Xbox One and the PS4. It has to tread carefully and fast too, before the next-gen consoles find their footing in the market. The Steam Machine is no doubt ambitious and at this early stage, looks to be great. The Steam controller will ship with the Steam Machines later this year.


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