First game with Twitch mobile streaming hitting the shelves this week

Twitch Mobile Streaming is coming soon. Infact, this week. Yes, your dream of broadcasting your gameplay to Twitch on mobiles has come true!

Twitch had announced an SDK for broadcasting games last week and has managed to sign on a game developer for it: Gameloft. More specifically, Gameloft’s hugely successful Asphalt 8 game.

Gameplay of the game will be streamed along with footage of the player playing the game through the front camera and microphone.

The mobile streaming will only come to Asphalt 8 on iOS. Details on release on other platforms hasn’t yet been revealed. Streaming will be optimized for the devices running Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip, i.e iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display and the iPhone 5s. This means you can expect a better experience with these devices

For long, you could only view streams from the mobile Twitch. Now finally you can create your own! But it is still upto developers to implement game streaming in their apps.

To promote the inclusion, Gameloft is running a 24 hour livestream of Asphalt 8. You can view it here.

Since having made a successful debut on the next generation gaming consoles: The PS4 and the Xbox One, it seems Twitch is targeting the mobile market, because let us face it: Most of us play games on the subway on MOBILE devices because we don’t have time for sitting down and playing games on consoles in our hectic life.


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