Healthbook app details revealed in new Apple iOS 8 rumor

A few days ago, we did an article about the latest iOS 8 rumors. In the article, we mentioned an app called HealthBook, but didn’t  provide much information about it as there wasn’t any at the time. Now, new rumors have come up and they detail the Healthbook app to quite an extent.

The rumor was first reported by 9to5Mac, as always. The image that you see above is supposedly Healthbook’s UI and it does look very…let us say iOS 7-like. It does borrow some design cues from another Apple app: Passbook

Healthbook Cards

Healthbook is the central point for all fitness information and is supposed to be a hub containing all information you may possibly need about your body and workout such as distance, speed, calories burnt, steps take, nutrition needs, sleep tracking and also stuff more mundane, such as Bloodwork, Heart Rate, Hydration, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen Saturation Blood Sugar, etc.



That is quite a bit of stats and will no doubt be appreciated by fitness stats junkies. Information is presented in the form of cards, as you can see in the images above.

Healthbook also contains an Emergency Card which includes information about the user such as “customer’s name, birthdate, medication information, weight, eye color, blood type, organ donor status, and location.” This may prove helpful if you are in an accident or are sick as such data is critical information needed by hospitals.

So, Healthbook can track your fitness, give you suggestions about proper food, may notify you if you are dehydrated, track you sleep activity to give you suggestions to a good night’s sleep and give critical information to hospitals in case you are injured.

Plus, it can check whether you healthy using information such as Body Mass Index, glucose levels, oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate. Essentially a doctor in your pocket.

It still hasn’t been revealed how such a wide range of data is being obtained and we can just guess.  The variety of stats will presumably be obtained by a combination of the iPhone’s sensors, M7 fitness microprocessor and also Apple’s rumored iWatch. Another possibility is that that Apple may include the requisite sensors in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. At this time, only the Galaxy S5 can even hope to compete with such a wide range of stats and that too is limited : It only has a heart rate sensor.

Or, it may communicate with 3rd party devices which may implemented similar to the way it is currently implemented in the Nike+ app which communicates with a sensor in your shoe to get the data.

This is groundbreaking. You have a device that can not only track you daily run, but can also be a doctor when needed in your pocket (Glucose levels, Heart rate, etc). The next Big Thing in smartphones is looking to be fitness and Apple seems to be working on it.

This rumor seems plausible because Apple has already set the ball rolling: Why do you think Apple introduced the M7 fitness Microprocessor in the 5S? To experiment. To research. Apple has a tendency to quietly put in beta features for testing on the public while simultaneously giving the impression to the public that the feature is a finished product (Apple Maps, anyone?)

Healthbook isn’t a finished product. It may debut in iOS 8, in later versions or may be scrapped off, i.e not appear at all. iOS 8 rumors are all the rage right now with a new rumor coming in almost everyday.

It seems iPhone 6 will be focused on fitness and Apple is looking to innovate in the  Fitness space. All the data collected by Healthbook will presumably be with the expertise of the Fitness companies Apple has bought. The sleep-tracking abilities are reportedly being developed with help from world renowned sleep expert Roy Raymann who was earlier hired by Apple.


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