Twitter CEO is headed into China, a country where it practically doesn’t exist

China is a country that is almost separate from the rest of the world. Many sites are censored and yet many more are even blocked. One of the sites that is in the ‘many more’ is Twitter. So, Twitter is missing out on the largest population in the world.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is heading towards China and is visiting Shanghai government officials, academics and students. A Twitter spokesperson says “Dick is visiting China because he wants to learn more about Chinese culture and the country’s thriving technology sector.”

But, does meeting with Government officials have anything to do with ‘culture’. No, it doesn’t. Presumably, he is going to improve Twitter’s relationship with China and reopen Twitter there again after it was banned in 2009.

According to Reuters, he won’t openly ask them to lift the ban. Instead, he will be implying the wish to lift the ban.

Twitter was banned in China in 2009 because it was an open platform which allowed anyone to post whatever they want. But China didn’t give the right to freedom of speech and expression to it’s citizens and Twitter posed as a threat to this. Therefore it was banned.

Twitter’s user growth has slowed down a bit. It wants to increase it’s revenue. There is one big section of the population that isn’t on Twitter. Put these three things together and then comes the answer: The logical move by Twitter will be to ‘unban’ itself in China.


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