Twitter #Music is going down


Everyone knew it was coming. Twitter had stopped development on the Twitter Music app a few months ago. It wasn’t doing well. That could only mean one thing, it was about to get the axe.

Twitter has announced that it is shutting down Twitter Music: Which means the app will be taken off all app stores and for those who have already downloaded the app, the app will stop working.

The App Store removal is effective immediately and the app will stop working on April 18.

But don’t give up your hopes yet, Twitter has tweeted that it is trying new ways to incorporate music into Twitter.

The app was removed a tad bit  less than an year after it launched while the app’s real death date is the same as it’s birth date: April 18th.

Twitter Music was a music discovery app which allowed it’s users to discover new artists, bands and music. It received favorable reviews but failed to get noticed in the already crowded music app market.


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