Will the Nokia X series be able to save the aging company from doom?

A bit of history…

Nokia was once the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones. But when the iPhone appeared, Nokia stayed quiet. It had dug it’s own grave. Nokia, instead of releasing a competent device to the iPhone, started criticizing the iPhone and really didn’t do much. The situation worsened when a slew of Android smartphones started appearing on the horizon.

Nokia’s only advantage was that it had phones in the lower price segment. But when Android was unveiled, smartphones started appearing in various price segments. Nokia was still relying on the aging Symbian and Nokia phones, while having great durability and battery life, were still inferior in terms of features and value compared to the iPhones and Androids of the smartphone world.

Another company that followed the mistakes of Nokia is one that we all know: Microsoft. The PC Giant then had the barely intact Windows Mobile OS for phones. But when smartphones appeared, people really started to realize the flaws of Windows Mobile.

People were moving towards iOS and Android ecosystems in droves. When Microsoft finally realized the consequences of it’s doing, it went back to the drawing board to re-imagine Windows Mobile. Windows Phone was born. While it was an interesting take on a smartphone OS, it was too late. The damage had been done. iOS and Android had built large app ecosystems and were signing on new developers each passing day. When Windows Phone was born, it couldn’t, even in it’s wildest dreams hope to match the number of apps in both ecosystems.

For long, the public made many suggestions to Microsoft and Nokia to save them from almost certain doom. Two of the suggestions that stood out and were repeated by many: Microsoft should introduce Android app support and Nokia should release an Android phone.

For long it had been prophecised that should Nokia release an Android phone, it will rise back up again to the top of the charts and become the king of the smartphone world.

However, hopes were momentarily lost in 2011 when Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft to only release Windows Phone OS smartphones and once again in 2013 when Microsoft kickstarted a process which would ultimately result in Nokia becoming a part of Microsoft.

Everyone wondered that if Microsoft owned Nokia, then how would Nokia release an Android phone? The release of a Nokia Android phone will be a violation of Microsoft-Nokia 2011 contract. Plus a Nokia Android phone would be a fierce rival to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS!

But at MWC 2014, Nokia unveiled the Nokia X phone. What was so special about it? Well, it was Nokia’s much rumored Android phone! Nokia had answered the wishes of the masses and had finally unveiled the Nokia X and it’s variations, the Nokia XL and Nokia X+.

How did they do it when they were owned by Microsoft?

Well, the fact is that although the Nokia-Microsoft deal had been initiated, it still hadn’t been finalized. Which meant, that technically Nokia was currently free and separate from Microsoft, at least until the deal has been finalized.

So, Nokia was temporarily free to do whatever it wanted and so unveiled the Nokia X phone, Nokia’s prophecised salvation.

Will it be able to save Nokia?

Now for the elephant in the room, will the Nokia X save Nokia from the abyss?

Before the Nokia X was unveiled, many sites did polls on whether the public will buy the aforementioned Nokia Android Phone. The results of the poll? An alarming majority said yes, that they will buy such a phone.

By releasing the Nokia X at a low price, Nokia has made a clever move and has made the Nokia X phone a more attractive and palpable proposition in emerging markets such as India and China. Plus, it wouldn’t be have to compete with the biggies in the higher price segment.

A huge advantage the Nokia X has over the Nokia Lumia series of mobiles, is the presence of Android. Even if the Nokia X runs a highly modified form of Android, at it’s core, it is still Android.

Which means the Nokia X phone can potentially run Android apps and that is a huge plus. The Nokia X phone doesn’t have access to the Google Play store, because even if it is running Android, it has to put Google apps as the preferred apps and do some other modifications to get access to Google Play.

However, the Nokia X has it’s own app store which is a highly curated version of Google Play. As we all know, Google Play is overcrowded with duplicate and poor apps which hamper the experience. Apple has a strictly moderated App store with more high quality apps. The Nokia X app store is somewhere in the between, meaning it has more potential for high quality apps.

Nokia has done a good job in providing most of the popular apps in Google Play to it’s app store but it still has some way to go. But we can expect the full barrage of Play apps soon on the Nokia X app store, as it wouldn’t be too difficult to port the apps as the Nokia X, at it’s core, is still Android.

New apps are being added everyday. Almost all of the popular apps are there, but if you do want some app that is not in Nokia’s app store, you can either install it from another app store (Nokia allows it) or root your Nokia X phone and put the full blown android on it. Either way, it is a very simple process.

Nokia 1020 should be released in android?

It is almost guaranteed that the Nokia X phone will be successful in the lower segment, but what about the higher end segments? To be really resurrected, Nokia HAS to release an Android phone in the higher end market, preferably one with extraordinary camera,like the one found on the Nokia Lumia 1020.

What does Nokia have to do further?

To sum up, Nokia has to do these things to complete it’s attack and take back it’s realm from the hands of biggies such as Samsung and Apple:

  • Populate the Nokia Android Store with apps: This is already happening and there is an option to put a full blown version of Android, but most aren’t aware of the option and wouldn’t do it. Nokia has to populate it’s store with apps at breakneck speed to bring it to the same level as Android and iOS.
  • Release a phone in the higher-end segment: Nokia has to release a high-end Android phone to appeal to the masses and attract the eyes of corporations. People need to have a choice and right now, there is only a low-end phone to choose. They should have the option of buying a high-end phone, if they want.
  • Market the Nokia X phone: Nokia should do campaigns and advertise like crazy, so as to send a message to the public and create awareness that “Hey presto! A Nokia Android Phone is here!”


We conclude that the Nokia X phone has the potential to turn the tables and bring Nokia back to it’s home territory. Nokia just has to implement the above suggestions and it would become the king of the smartphone world. Again.


2 thoughts on “Will the Nokia X series be able to save the aging company from doom?”

  1. there are some misconsceptive points here, firstly windows mobile wasn’t actually flawed it was just had not enough to compete against the iPhone plus the UI was the complete opposite of the iphone. windows mobile was the android since it was born, and as you know without windows mobile, xda-devs would not even exist today. it wasn’t really microsoft’s mistake, it was merely ballmer acting slow towards the matter. and you’ve gotta remember windows mobile was like the top dog at the start till 2007.
    the 2011-agreement however signified the partnership between the two companies to promote windows phone and did not stop nokia from doing anything other than wp, they just did not do it till now because of elop which is sidelineked to microsoft all this time.
    and about the three things nokia needs to do further, well they are already doing it marketing going off charts and higher end models are a viable option
    other than that, its quite a perfect article but the title is just a bit off. the nokiax will not stand a chance to save the company because after the microsoft acquisition is closed next month nokia will instantly be out of the danger zone because the other assets staying with nokia are currently making off good money. Microsoft is actually taking the part of the company which is not making money.


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