The all new HTC One (2014) Unveiled


With HTC’s  announcement of the HTC One (2014), now all Android top-dogs have a 2014 flagship.

The One special thing..

With HTC’s new One, HTC has at it’s core remain the same but also while adding bigger changes.

The last HTC One was sort of a revolution. It proved that Android smartphones could look good. Before it, all smartphones (Except the iPhone, of course) were plasticky pieces of crap, speaking in terms of design. Most of them still are, including HTC’s main competitor, the Galaxy S5. But all of them have one upped their design to remain attractive. However, even now, the HTC One still stands out if kept among it’s other Android brethren.

At MWC 2014, HTC decided it’s new flagship deserved a special event of it’s own and so announced only mid-range phones at MWC.

The same, but still different

HTC has now announced the new HTC One (2014) which features many changes, but again, largely still remains the same.

The design is almost the same as the blissful one of the previous model but it has been tweaked subtly.

HTC One (M8) review

Which means the usage of metal in the phone’s compostition has gone up from 70% to 90%.

There are now no capacitive buttons and the headphone jack has been relocated to a less cumbersome area.

The front facing Boomsound speakers remain with some tweaks to increase loudness (upto 25%). The ole HTC One’s speakers really are loud and clear and are much better than the back facing speakers of well, almost all other phones. Seriously why don’t phone giants put their speakers on the front rather than the back?

The Internals

Inside, there is a beefy Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.3 Ghz paired with 2GB RAM. Unless you are REALLY taxing your phone  or playing games with heavy graphics, you won’t really notice the difference between the new and the old One.

It has the usual wireless radios: 4G LTE, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX enabled.

There is a 2600mAh battery with the new One. This combined with the battery efficient Snapdragon 801 processor can provide much more battery life than the previous One which was equipped with a 2300mAh battery and a power sucking Snapdragon 800 processor.

You have got a Full-HD (1920*1080) 5 inch Super LCD3 screen. Looks to be the same as one in the previous one (That is one confusing sentence!)

You can buy a 32 or 64 GB HTC One and if that isn’t enough, you can expand to upto 128 GB using the MicroSD card slot.

Not one, but two..

One M8

The new One has got dual-cameras. At MWC, a company called Corephotonics showcased the power of dual-cameras. It seems HTC has taken notice and stuffed up it’s flagship with two cameras. The first one is the same 4 MP Ultrapixel camera from the previous one, which at best was mediocre. HTC had the chance to put in a better sensor, but it didn’t. The other camera, well technically is isn’t actually a camera, it is just there to pick up details like depth and focus which for the first time, allows you to select the focus poin AFTER you have taken the image.

A camera called Lytro had done it before, but it was at-best a proof-of-concept. HTC seems to have bettered it but we may not know until people get their mitts on the new One.

Fan of selfies? No worries, HTC has got you covered: With a 5MP sensor with 1080p video paired with a wide angle f/2.0 lens, you can take pictures how ever you want, the One will keep up.

There are two strange things about HTC’s camera (Apart from the dual camera concept of course..):

Isn’t a 4MP camera a bit less for a modern flagship?

That was the question we were faced with last year too when HTC decided to take out all the pixels and instead enlargen them.

That doesn’t seem to work too well: Yes the HTC One performed admirably in low light. But in most of the conditions, the HTC One fell behind the more pixel packed flagship. In some cases, more pixel packed phones also outperformed the HTC One in low-light conditions.

Plus, in a world where consumers are bombarded with ever increasing megapixel counts, the average Joe might not even know about the advantages of HTC’s Ultrapixel. He/she might just go: “Look at the HTC One, it looks awesome! *spec sheet look*. Meh, it just has a 4 MP camera. Let me just buy one of those 16 MP Galaxy S5, eh?”

It is good that HTC is trying to break off from the trend and actually trying to educate the consumer. But, today, companies with lots of dough put into marketing, they might actually tempt people to buy their ‘inferior’ phones while HTC lies in the shadows, waiting for the crowd that never comes.

Why does the front camera have more resolution than the back camera?

We are going to keep it short here: Have you ever seen a phone which has more megapixels packed in the front rather than the back?

No you haven’t (Most probably). It is just…strange.

It does make Sense..

The new One runs the latest version of Android which is Kitkat (4.4.2) with HTC’s overlay, Sense or like HTC likes to call it (rather cheesily) ‘the Sixth Sense’.

Sense has been updated to version 6.

HTC One (M8) review

The new Sense comes with an updated Blinkfeed (A content discovery/news service) which features a simpler UI and more space for customization.

Oh yeah, and you also have gestures support on the lock screen. And you can now double tap to wake the device.

It also has got what HTC likes to call ‘Extreme power saving mode’ which would kick in when the phone drops to the percentage of charge you specified( Options of 5%, 10% or 20%. Can Also turn on manually) . Then your One use will be limited to only five features, which HTC claims can drastically improve battery life. How much? 5% charge on the Extreme Power Saving mode can provide upto 15 hours of use. THAT much. Try to beat that…

The Five features:

• Phone
• Messages
• HTC’s mail app (In manual refresh mode)
• Calendar
• Calculator

Other than those five, you won’t be able to do anything. No camera. No browser. No games. Nothing. But that may prove helpful in a situation in which your phone is dying when it is  desperately needed.


Another feature is Quick Charge 2.0 which can charge up your HTC One very quickly.

However you will need a special Quick Charge cable for that which won’t be included in the box. It will be available later this year, as an optional accessory.


Coming soon NOW!

The new One has another feature for you. Technically not a feature but here we go: HTC will replace your screen for free during the first six months after your purchase.

The new One will arrive in three colours (metal grey, amber gold and arctic silver) and will come today. Seriously, you can just go out and buy one NOW (Of course you have to be in the US for that).

That quirk is only for select stores and that too for those in the US. Other US stores say they will sell the new HTC One within “2-3 days”.

You can order one now from all US carriers.
All of the US carriers will receive the One by April 10th. Some carriers like Verizon already have the new One in stock! Get out and gift yourselves One (pun intended)!





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