Turkey blocks YouTube


Recently, there was public outrage due to Turkey blocking Twitter.  Turkey was basically mocked when people found workarounds and more than 17,000 tweets were being sent per minute AFTER the ban. The court’s ruling to ‘unban’ Twitter was the last straw.

Now, Turkey has got back in the game and has now blocked access to YouTube.

The ban has started rolling out and is active on some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and is being activated on others.

Last week, the WSJ reported that Google was refusing to remove some videos that allegedly contained audio recordings that feature Turkish Prime Minister in discussions with his son about how to hide money from investigators.

YouTube will be unbanned if it removes those recordings along with another video posted by an anonymous user. The video showed a high level, high profile security meeting  in which Turkey’s intelligence chief, the foreign minister and the deputy head of the armed forces came together to discuss potential military operations against Syria.

But like in the case of Twitter, workarounds have already started appearing in all corners of the internet to circumvent the ban.

Presumably, the bans on the popular social-networking services is an attempt to curb the accusations of corruption and prevent them from spreading in Turkey.

Sources: Zeynep Tufekc (Twitter) , Webrazzi, WSJ (Twitter), Mike Giglio (Twitter)





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