Twitter becomes more Facebook like: It is testing out shares inplace of retweets and also introduces photo-tagging

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Twitter, the social microblogging service is well known for it’s 140 character limit, which really changed our languages to be more shorter. To  fit better in the tweet box.

Twitter had forever changed our language shifting it from huge epitomes to small bite sized misspelled sentences. This form of writing is known as ‘Twitter speak’ and is well known everywhere.

Some words out of Twitter speak have been used so widely that Oxford had put in some of those into it’s English dictionary.

Now, Twitter as been testing out redesigns and new features like crazy and is still evidently left wanting for more.

Twitter is testing out a new feature that may change Twitter forever. Retweeting is one of the core aspects of Twitter and in the new feature, retweets are being ditched for suspiciously Facebook like shares.

In usual Twitter like fashion, the testing was brief and fast. Twitter had covertly activated the new feature in certain accounts. The changes were visible to the “certain people” in both the Android and iOS apps.

After sometime, presumably after the testing had been completed, everything was back to normal: Shares were non-existent and retweets had been resurrected.

However, it must be emphasized that this was just a test, it doesn’t mean the feature is coming soon. Companies have new ideas, they test them and may scrap them or proceed ahead depending on the test results.

And yes, the results on the tests weren’t good. Not good at all. An alarming majority were complaining about the removal of the good ole retweet and were demanding Twitter to not proceed ahead on such a feature.

Twitter is also releasing an update to it’s Android and iOS apps which contain a new feature that allows upto 4 photos in a tweet along with the ability to tag upto 10 people. Yes, tag, just like on Facebook. All this without taking a single character from those precious 140 characters.

This is a radical change for Twitter and is part of Twitter’s latest efforts to woo in new users and make the service easier to use. However, in the process of trying to gain new users, Twitter may lose loyal fans.



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