The US Government can save upto $370 Million just by changing fonts..


Paper is a valuable commodity. With growing concern about our environment, the world is switching over to digital to help save trees.

As CNN reports, 14 year old  Suvir Mirchandani made surprising discoveries about the Government’s budget which show that changing small things can end in much bigger outcomes.

He found that by simply changing the native Times Roman font to Garamond, get this, the US Government can save upto $370 million dollars .

Suvir Mirchandani is a student studying at Dorseyville Middle School near Pittsburgh, Pa.

It all started off as a science project. Suvir was given a project in which he was tasked to find ways to save ink usage in teacher’s handouts.

After comparing four fonts, he discovered that Garamond was the least ink consuming font due to it’s thin and light strokes. From this he concluded that a switch to Garamond can save upto  24 percent ink for his school district (Saves $21000 a year).

He then published his results in the Journal for Emerging Investigators which in return posed him with a question : How much will the Government save with a switch to Garamond?

Spurred on by curiosity and armed with APFill Ink Coverage software, he immediately set on to work. He found that the US Government could save upto a whopping $370 million.

Another finding? That an ounce of ink costs  more than an ounce of Chanel No 5 perfume, according to Suvir.

What is surprising is that the Government itself has recognized these findings and has given a heads up that it is looking into it and the work done by Mirchandani is “Remarkable”

To think these discoveries were made by a budding boy of only 14 years old (*shudder*).

Moreover you could also apply the findings to your own printers. Granted the savings will be on a smaller scale but you are saving precious ink!

Sources: CNN report





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