Yahoo reportedly plans to steal some of Google’s thunder with it’s own YouTube rival

Yahoo once was on the same page as Google, being as popular as ever. Then, it started falling down the ranks while Google continued to usher in the new era.

When Marissa Mayer took control of Yahoo, she changed Yahoo. She made several high-profile purchases such as Tumblr, made Yahoo better and ultimately Yahoo started regaining it’s lost users.

Yahoo woke up from it’s slumber and kept on rising, making new developments every now and then.

And now,  Recode reports that Yahoo is planning on it’s own streaming service with the ultimate aim of poaching away YouTube’s users and mark another milestone for Yahoo.

Many users echo complaints that YouTube doesn’t earn them much.

The new video service will offer more ad revenue, better marketing and guaranteed ad rates to entice users into jumping ship from Google to Yahoo.

The YouTube rival will not aim for casual users who may just upload -anything that they like: Yahoo is instead aiming for high-profile professional YouTubers who upload quality content.

Which is why, Yahoo is supposedly approaching big names in the YouTube arena behind the scenes. If Yahoo does succeed in bringing on even a few big names, it will promote Yahoo and will ultimately drive more traffic to Yahoo.

The rumor is just another advancement for Yahoo which has been focusing a lot on videos lately: A failed bid for the Dailymotion video service, addition of TV star Kates Couric to the site and many more.

The rumored video service is in the works and Yahoo may release it as soon as in the next few months.

The big question is, will it be succesful? Will it bring back the ole search giant back into the game? Will it be the big comeback that Yahoo desperately wants?

Sources: Recode Report



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