HTC confesses to ‘spoofing’ HTC One (M8) benchmarks via ‘High Performance Mode”

The New HTC One Has a High Performance Mode Just For Benchmarks

(Image Credit: Gizmodo)

Everyone seems to rely on benchmarks for getting a sense of the raw power of any device. Benchmarks are used to gauge the performance and may make or break the number one rank for a device.

Everyone, from interested techies to knowledgeable reviewers use and trust benchmarks to know about the power and capabilities of the device.

But then, Samsung did something very wrong: It spoofed the benchmarks of the Note 3, providing higher scores to it than it could on it’s own.

That feat reduced everyone’s trust in benchmarks just that little bit but everyone still continued using them.

And now, HTC has confessed that it had kind of spoofed the benchmarks on it’s latest flagship: The HTC One.

HTC said to CNET:

“Benchmarking tests look to determine maximum performance of the CPU and GPU and, similar to the engine in a high-performance sports car, our engineers optimize in certain scenarios to produce the best possible performance. If someone would like to get around this benchmarking optimization there are ways to do so, but we think most often this will not be the case.”

But it had executed the art of spoofing benchmarks more elegantly than Samsung: While in both cases, the devices ran overclocked in benchmark apps, HTC has actually made that overclocked mode into a feature: Called “High Performance Mode”.

When off, the High Performance Mode is only triggered when you open benchmark apps, after which the device will run overclocked to provide the best possible results.

The High Performance Mode setting can be found in the Developer’s Menu which is kind of hidden (You have to tap on the Build section around 10 times to unlock it). But beware, activating it would give you performance you may need, but at the expense of battery life.

“For those with a need for speed, we’ve provided a simple way to unleash this power by introducing a new High Performance Mode in the developer settings that can be enabled and disabled manually.

The HTC One (M8) is optimized to provide the best balance of performance and battery life, but we believe in offering customer choice, as there may be times when the desire for performance outweighs the need for battery longevity,”  a HTC spokesperson said to CNET.

Sources: CNET


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