HTC reportedly about to release 4.5 inch HTC One (M8) Mini in May

HTC One Mini M8 May HTC One (M8) mini supposedly rolling out in May with 4.5 inch display, single rear camera

The HTC One was unveiled on March 25th and it had been praised by reviewers for it’s excellent design, which is quite something for an Android phone. It’s design was so good that many reviewers actually put it on the same standards as the iPhone and some even said that the HTC One’s design was better.

HTC One M8 HTC One (M8) mini supposedly rolling out in May with 4.5 inch display, single rear camera(Image Credit: VR Zone)

The HTC One was considered revolutionary by some for it’s dual-camera design and ridiculed by others for the M8’s poor performance in camera shootouts.

Now, following the footsteps of other major manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung, HTC is rumored to unveil and release a ‘Mini’ version of it’s flagship, the HTC One (M8) in May.

The previous One also had a smaller brother, but the Mini version of the new One is rumored to have a 4.5 inch display, up from the 4.3 inch of the previous one.

It still isn’t known whether will display will sport a 720p or 1080p resolution.

It will lose the dual camera set up but will gain a boost to 13 MP resolution, up from the 4MP of the tad gimmicky Ultrapixel Camera of the M8.

The phone may sport Android 4.4 with the Sense 6.0 overlay and is reported to be releasing as soon as May: Beating the yet unannounced S5 mini and the already unveiled G2 Mini to the punch, following HTC’s latest tradition of releasing devices as soon or soon after they are unveiled. The HTC One (M8) was released on the day it was unveiled to some carriers.

While phones are getting bigger and bigger, there still is a market for people who prefer smaller phones. These people are still large in number. The main arguments given to a smaller sized screen are: One handed use, more portable, more easy to manage, etc.

For long, Apple was the only company which had a flagship phone of small screen size. Now, Android manufacturers have caught up, releasing mini versions of their flagships and sometimes even stuffing the ‘Mini’ versions with flagship specs (We are looking at you Sony).

With Sony, Samsung and LG pumping out flagships, it only seems logical for HTC to release a Mini version of it’s flagship, the HTC M8.

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Top Image Credit: VR Zone




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