A behemoth to behold: Blackmagic’s 4K shooting URSA

Blackmagic URSA: A Modular Cinema Camera with Insane Swappable Sensor

Blackmagic has announced the URSA, a 10 inch screen, 4K video toting behemoth. The URSA is big and pulsing with power and is a force to be reckoned with.

Blackmagic URSA: A Modular Cinema Camera with Insane Swappable Sensor

It definitely isn’t a camera for your goofy videos, it is a camera meant for professionals.

It is got a massive 10 inch 1080p flip-out display along with two 5 inch monitors on the sides for displaying stuff like settings, previews, etc for your viewing pleasure.

It, as mentioned above, has the capability of recording in 4K which it stores in two formats simultaneously: RAW and ProRes.

It has got a capable Super 35 sensor and if all this hasn’t already covered your mouth with drool, here is something: The URSA has, get this, the ability to swap the sensor later on when something better comes along. Or you could swap out sensors which better fit your use case. How cool is that?

You have the option of choosing between a Canon EF or PL lens mount.

You also have got plenty of input-output options with many SDI inputs and outputs, XLR Microphone jacks and more.

All you have to got to slap down for this beauty is $6000 ($6500 for the PL lens model) which is a bit cheap considering the sky-high price tags on other professional cameras.

Sources: Blackmagic




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