Twitter rolls out Facebook-esque redesign

Earlier this year, Twitter was testing out a major redesign on some accounts. The redesign looked like a lot like Facebook and it looks like it has finally been completed since Twitter has started rolling out the redesign.

However, the redesign has been cut down a bit and tweets are shown as a list, unlike the redesign that Twitter had been testing out (*Phew*).

As noted above, the Twitter profile page now looks very much like Facebook.

The new redesign has a larger profile photo and header.

For those users who have received the redesign, they have access to a new feature: Pinning.

Yes, which means you could ‘pin’ your best tweets which then appear at the top of your profile.

Twitter's Facebook-Lite Look Kicks In Today, With New Profile Powers

Also, the tweets that have received the most engagement (Replies, Retweets, Favorites) are shown more prominently (They look bigger compared to other tweets).

You can also choose the kind of tweets you want to see when you look at a profile: Tweets with Photos or Videos, Tweets and Replies and finally normal tweets.

The new redesign is the latest move by Twitter and it is unquestionable that Twitter is becoming more and more like Facebook. Earlier, it had been testing out a Twitter which replaced the retweet with the share. It had also released app updates which support photo-tagging.

Twitter is going through this transitional pace to attract more users. It’s user growth had slowed down and Twitter had to attract more users. However, with these drastic changes to attract new users, Twitter may be injuring and alienating it’s existing users.

The new redesign is rolling out and some prominent people have already got it. If you are signing up as a new user, you get the new redesign right away and existing users will receive the redesign over the coming weeks.

Sources: Twitter Blog


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