The Galaxy Gear 2, while small, is easy to repair, iFixit teardown reveals

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iFixit, the team that mercilessly and brutally tears down gadgets as soon as they appear at their doorstep to determine their repairability, has gone ahead and cracked open the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch.

They rate repairability on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means unrepairable and 10 means really easy to repair.

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The Gear 2 is a smartwatch and  it’s internal components are crammed into a tiny space.  So you may be forgiven to think that the Gear 2 will be a nightmare to repair, but an iFixit teardown reveals that it is infact the polar opposite: It got a really good score of 8/10.

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It is really easy to repair and iFixit notes that it could have gotten a full 10/10 if it wasn’t for it’s display. All components except the display are easy to reach, remove, replace and repair. Only removing the display is the toughest part of the whole teardown. This is because it is fused and glue to the device’s front, meaning it is extremely difficult to remove and it can even be damaged while opening it up.

The battery is a 300mAh one and is easily replaceable, no need for fancy tools, just something to pry it out. And of course, a screwdriver to actually open up the Gear’s casing.

The wrist strap is replaceable too. In addition to checking out the repairability, iFixit also checked out what’s under the hood of the Gear 2.

It seems Samsung hasn’t spoofed it’s specs, like it had spoofed it’s device’s benchmarks. Like Samsung claimed, the Gear 2 has got a 1 Ghz Dual-Core processor. There are a few components on the board manufactured by Motorola and STMicroelectronics .

The list of components recognized by iFixit:

    • Samsung KMF5X0005M (likely DRAM package with 1 GHz dual-core CPU layered beneath)
    • Motorola MPS14X 60X5V3 1410WeC
    • Maxim Integrated MAX77836 (likely micro-USB interface controller and Li+ battery charger)
    • STMicroelectronics 32F401B 32 bit ARM Cortex MCU
    • 0225E8 E225B4
    • BCD Semiconductor Y831 audio codec
    • InvenSense MP65M 6-axis gyroscope / accelerometer

Overall the Gear 2 is extremely repairable and for tasks like replacing the battery, you don’t even need to go to a store: You can do it then and there, as it isn’t much work. How we wish all devices were as repairable as this!

Sources: iFixit



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