Google going to put Glass on sale…..For one day only


Google Glass’s Explorer program was only open to a select few, while others gazed in a mix of awe and jealousy. Now those “others” can get their hands on one, provided they move fast.

Google is opening up the Explorer program and will put Glass on sale on April 15th and on April 15th only.

Google announced the news in a post on Google+. The sale will start at 6 AM PDT.

Google has presumably done this for achieving three things:

  1.  Get even more people to know about Google Glass
  2. Create some buzz as Glass moves closer towards it’s yet unannounced release date
  3. Google thinks it will clear up some misconceptions and thinks that people will forget about Glass’ controversial nature when they get a hold of Glass

And Google would achieve the first and second things easily. You see, when you keep something a secret for sometime and give out information at just the right time and then finally open it up to the public for just one day, there will be a lot of rush and a lot of people will hurriedly buy Glass, as two things loom:

  1. They have only got a period of one day before the lucrative offer of getting their hands on Glass is off the tables
  2. There will be a LOT of people coming in to buy Glass and so you have to order as early as possible to get ahead and for having even a remote chance of getting Glass

All this will happen because the secretive nature of Google and their ‘leaks’ gives off a mysterious vibe. But point no.3 is still uncertain. Yes, people might change their minds about Glass when they actually use it and may forget about the  “threat to privacy” when they are awed by Glass.

Google said in the post that it had originally planned to announce it next week but presumable pointing to a report of leaked documents by The Verge, Google revealed that the announcement was made early as “the cat’s out of the bag now.”

It will go on sale online  for US adults for $1500, with a choice out off two freebies: Sunshade or Prescription glasses Frames.

Sales will be on a “first come, first serve” basis, meaning you will have to fight for a pair of Glasses.

The exact number of Glass in stock isn’t yet known.

$1500 is still a bit steep and it can be expected that the consumer version will cost much lesser. Currently, the only reasons for you to buy Glass would be to stand out among your circle and get a feel of next-generation technology.

Sources:  Google (Google+)



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