Amazon smartphone leaks in pictures

While Amazon Smartphone rumors are a dime-a-dozen, this time the rumors are looking more and more to be the real deal. Earlier, we had written on a report by the WSJ about Amazon’s purported smart phone, which is rumored to have a glass-free 3D screen with eye-tracking for actually allowing you to view the 3D effect properly while on the move.

Now, pictures have surfaced of Amazon’s 3D Smartphone and it seems that Amazon will unveil its smartphone around June.

Amazon’s Smartphone will most probably run FireOS, Amazon’s forked version of Android.

The pictures were leaked by BGR. Amazon’s smartphone will have one normal camera on the back for taking pictures and five cameras on the front. One will presumably be a normal front-camera and the other four will reportedly be eye tracking cameras/sensors to detect eye movement, so as to adjust the 3D effect, so that you can see the 3D screen properly even while moving.

Those four sensors will be low powered IR sensors, so that Amazon’s device does have acceptable battery life.


It will have an unnamed processor model from the Qualcomm Snapdragon line and will have a 4.7 inch screen. The screen’s resolution is rumored to be HD, instead of full-HD, presumably due to the inability of the processor to cope up with:

  1. Actually rendering everything in 3D Full HD (1080p)
  2. Adjusting  the screen to every small movement by you

It isn’t exactly clear about what Amazon’s 3D effect will be used for. Possible candidates that could benefit from the 3D screen:

  • Maps: Imagine buildings popping out off your phone, providing you a comprehensive and more clear view of your route rather than plain 2D Maps. And then there is the wow factor
  • Media: This one is obvious, what will  you do with a 3D phone if you can’t watch videos on it? Or 3D Games?
  • Shopping: Using the 3D effect, you will be able to get a better perspective on a product you are buying, thus enabling you to make the better decision

Amazon is in talks with App Developers and will be releasing a set of APIs that allow control of the 3D effect so that developers build apps that use the 3D effect.

Amazon will also reportedly release two differently priced models of its 3D smartphone, to enable you to catch a hold of Amazon’s smartphone without having to break the bank.

Sources: BGR


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