Eyefi Cloud makes Cloud Syncing just that little bit more easier


Long gone has the era when you used to copy files to each and every device to access them from all places. Now, with the Cloud, anyone can access any file from anywhere, with the only requirement being a stable internet connection.

So you would expect your camera and smartphone photos to be stored  on the Cloud automatically, both as a means of backup and also as a means of easy accessibility.

Even if you lose your camera or smartphone or if you lose your photos you still would be able to have them provided they are on the cloud.

However, even then, cloud syncing is a bit of a hassle and so, Eyefi, a company known for making WiFi Enabled SD cards, has updated it’s apps and has announced  the Eyefi Cloud which takes the ease of use of cloud syncing just that one notch higher.

If you have a smartphone, you need to have the latest Eyefi app and if you have a camera, you need to have one of those Eyefi Wi-Fi enabled memory cards.

If you satisfy this criteria and have a stable internet connection, all photos, on your smartphone and camera, will start uploading to the cloud the second you click the photo.

Eyefi Mobi SD card

Really simplifies cloud syncing, doesn’t it? For promoting Eyefi’s new feature, Eyefi’s WiFi enabled memory cards will come with a freebie: 3 months of complimentary cloud storage. The memory cards start at $49 for 8 GB and  you will need to pay up $49 per year for unlimited cloud hosting on Eyefi Cloud.

Don’t feel left out if you had already bought the cards, you too will be eligible for the freebie.

Basically you have two options of uploading photos to the cloud with Cameras.

  • Pairing with a Smartphone: You can pair cameras with  Eyefi’s WiFi enabled SD cards with a smartphone with the latest version of Eyefi’s apps. From there, all photos will be synced to the cloud via your smartphone
  • Connect to a WiFi Network: You may also directly connect to WiFi networks and sync the photos then.

However, the first option is more accessible and convenient, so it is the recommended option.

You can access your photos from anywhere and from any device without the need to install any software; You can just access your photos from Eyefi Cloud’s Web Interface.

While Eyefi previously offered options for backing up photos to the cloud, never were they as easy and as seamless as this.

Sources: Eyefi





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