Toshiba unveils world’s fastest MicroSD card

This Is the World's Fastest MicroSD Card (For Now) Your camera is slow? Is taking forever to recover between shots? Buy a faster memory card, it will increase your camera’s performances by leaps and bounds. And for those who like it extreme, Toshiba has unveiled the world’s fastest MicroSD card, which would result in your camera zipping around like it is high on caffeine. The new MicroSD cards touch read/write speeds of 26-/240 MBps respectively, which is blistering fast .

They are based on the all new UHS-II ¬†standard, which means currently there are no compatible cameras that can use the standard at it’s full potential, at least that we know of.

This is for the first time that you can see full size SD-card level Pro speeds available on MicroSD cards. While high speed SD cards are a dime a dozen, high-speed MicroSD cards are extremely rare and even those cannot come close to this little speedster.

You can do all the cool stuff you could previously only do on cameras with SD card slots: Fast Burst mode, Faster photo capture, 4K video, you get the gist.

Price and Availability haven’t yet been detailed, but it has been revealed that this card will launch only in 32GB and 64GB models (Of course, what is speed without storage space).

As we said before, camera support is extremely limited and you may have to wait it out for cameras to adopt this new UHS-II standard.

Sources: Toshiba


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