Apple and Google battling it out for exclusive mobile games

Nowadays, hardware is the same across phones, software too is similar within margin, the next differentiator is the field of  exclusive games.

Exclusive games are the one that lure you towards different app platforms. Think about it, what do you use to differentiate between smartphones and OSes? hardware specs are the same, OS platforms are mostly the same in terms of features but may be different in the workings underneath (Open Source, Customizability vs Closed Source, Walled Garden). The differentiator now is exclusive games. We have seen many people going for iOS devices just because it has Infinity Blade.

While even now Apple’s iOS gets most releases first with some Game Developers choosing to ignore Android completely, the gap between iOS and Android is closing fast with the release period between apps on both platforms becoming closer and more and more game developers releasing on both platforms.

Android is also gobbling up market share like a child gobbles up sweets on Halloween. Apple is evidently afraid of that.

Apple is wishing to stop Android’s growth to Market dominance. Android wishes to gobble up even more market share. The only big differentiator is exclusivity.

Taking in all the above factors, the answer is clear: The one that gains the most exclusives wins the mobile race.

Which is why, according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google are talking to developers and gaming franchises to release exclusive games for them. At least if not completely exclusive, then at least they should  release those games on their app stores first.

The incentive is not money, it is something far more bigger, in the larger picture: A spot on the front page of both app stores, which could drive traffic and so these companies could earn huge bucks from ad-revenue.

Wonder why Plants vs Zombies 2 (PvZ 2) took so long (2 months to be exact) to get to the Play Store? Apple has signed a deal to slow down the Android launch by 2 months. Sneaky, isn’t it?

What this does is leave out smaller developers. Apple and Google want exclusive games from big companies such as EA not from bored teens who may have created the next Angry Birds.

Soon, we may see the top charts filled entirely with apps and games from developers Apple and Google have ‘bribed’, leaving little chance for indie developers to get a piece of the pie.

The upcoming war between Apple and Google over exlusive games, while may prove profitable to one, would be heavily damaging to small-developers and also for us, the consumers, as we will be bombarded all the time from games for huge companies and we will not be able to discover great content from indie developers.

Sources: The WSJ




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