Grams: A Google-Clone, for searching the Dark Web’s dark world of drugs and hitmen


The Dark Web is that dark corner of the internet which no one truly knows about. You can only access Dark Web sites through Tor and that too with a cryptic hard to remember URLs which end in “.onion” instead of “.com”.

However, while the Dark Web has proven to be the central hub for criminals, drug addicts, curious web-goers, the like, the Dark Web doesn’t have any easy way to find a site there that can fulfill your purpose.

Users usually roamed around on wikis such as “The Hidden Wiki” to discover new sites for these stuff. However, wiki databases can only go so far, they cannot explore each and every corner of the Dark Web.

So, someone going by the alias of Gramsadmin has created Grams: A complete clone of Google, just for the Dark Web. When we say clone, we mean it: The site has copied everything: The looks, the design, the logo color and also the “I’m Feeling Lucky Button.

I noticed on the forums and reddit people were constantly asking ‘where to get product X?’ and ‘which market had product X?’ or ‘who had the best product X and was reliable and not a scam?'” he told Wired. “I wanted to make it easy for people to find things they wanted on the dark web and figure out who was a trustworthy vendor.”

Many websites on the Dark Web have allowed Gramsadmin to take a peek into their databases, in order to index and add them to Grams, to make them available for future searches.

Gramsadmin has big plans for the future:

“Within the next two weeks Grams will have a system similar to Google adwords where vendors can buy keywords and their listings will go to the top of the search results when those keywords are searched for,” gramsadmin said. They will be bordered with an advertisement disclaimer so users know those are paid results.”

If you want to take a look at this Dark Web search engine, then here’s the link:


You can only open it through Tor, The Onion Router. Like all searching engines, you have different searching options such as: By Market and sort by Price or Date. The site also tells you about the current exchange rate for Bitcoin, the digital cryptocurrency.

It seems the Dark’ Web’s drug habits will never leave. FBI had raided and arrested Dread Pirate Roberts, allegedly the one who ran Silk Road, one of the most biggest and most notorious drug marketplaces in the Dark Web.

Sources: Wired



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  1. Great post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.


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