The Great Dig: Atari E.T mystery to be finally cleared today, after a mind boggling 31 years

The Infamous Atari Landfill Dig Is Finally Happening

Atari’s ET game was one of the worst video games of all time, which left Atari almost bankrupt and a reserve full of unsold copies. Atari was brought to its knees due to this absolutely terrible game and so, Atari had decided to put this whole thing behind, in 1983.

Legend has it that hundreds of thousands (Maybe millions?) of unsold cartridges were buried under Atari’s orders in a landfill, forever out of sight. Until now.

Professional Excavation crews will dig into Alamgardo’s landfill, where it is rumored to lie. And there will be people to shoot the whole process and make a movie out of it, so that the legacy of Atari’s failure will forever be imprinted in everyone’s minds. Microsoft is also there to support the filmmakers, who are from Lightbox and Fuel Entertainment; Microsoft will distribute the film as part of its Xbox Film series.

We don’t know what they will find. For that matter, no one knows what they will find. Will they find damaged cartridges below piles of garbage? Will they find glowing cartridges (Glowing due to the sheer ‘terribleness’ of the game) ? Will they be wiped out because they are trying to uncover Atari’s biggest failure? Will they even find anything? The legend of the “Lost Atari games” is just that, a legend. A rumor. It is entirely possible that they might not find anything (Though not culturally acceptable considering the kind of buildup this thing got).

Be sure to see the digging, else you would be missing out on one of the biggest moments in Video Game failures.

UPDATE (04/27/14) : It has been found. We will be doing an article on it soon, so stay tuned!




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