Skype makes Group Video Calls free (Finally)


Earlier, for making Group Video calls in Skype, you got to shell out for a Skype Premium subscription ($8.99 per month), which really was a bit of a waste when you already had excellent services such as Google Hangouts for all your video-chatting needs.

Skype users had been clamoring for free Group Video calls for years, or at least since Skype introduced Group Video calls, which was in 2010.

However, Skype video calling is only free on the Desktop (Both Windows and Mac) and Console (Only Xbox One) apps, mobile support and also support for other platforms hasn’t yet come (But is coming soon).

“In the future, we’ll be enabling group video calling for all our users across more platforms,” says Skype’s Phillip Snalune.

Skype Group Video Calls allow you to Video Call with up to 10 people simultaneously. Microsoft has done the logical move as currently, shelling out for Group Video Calls seems like a waste when you got great (If not better) video calling services around that offer group-video calling for free.



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