Apple updates Macbook Air line, with a significant price cut

Apple's Updated Macbook Air: Faster Processors, $100 CheaperSEXPAND


Apple’s Macbook line is the preferred one for many, what with their excellent design and battery life. While manufacturers have tried to copy Apple’s design with their ‘Ultrabooks’, most don’t even come close.

The Macbook Air offers excellent battery life and a compact and light design, making it the go-to laptop for many.

Apple has updated the Macbook Air line with small spec updates. The base clockspeed of the CPU has been bumped to 1.5 Ghz, up from 1.4 Ghz, but the CPU Model remains the same (It has the same  Dual Core Intel  i5 Haswell Chip). And that’s just the entry-level model, with you having an option to have an Dual-Core 1.9 Ghz Intel i7 processor.

The RAM and storage amounts still remain the same with the base models having 4GB of RAM which can go up to 8GB. The Display Resolution remains at 1440*1800 pixels.

It runs the latest version of OSX, i.e Mavericks, which combined with the Haswell processor, can give you up to 12 hours of batter life. Impressed, eh?

But while specifications have received a minor bump, the star of the upgrade truly is the price: Apple has, get this, shaved off $100 from the entry price meaning you can get a base 11 inch model for $900 and the 13 inch one at $1000. The new prices are no doubt enticing and so if you are looking to lay your hands on one, then get out and buy one! It is available at retail locations and also through Apple’s online store.

Sources: Apple





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