Twitter testing out a ‘Mute’ feature, which allows you to not see one’s tweets without unfollowing them


Twitter is great. But when you start following some accounts, chances are you may follow some duds or of some friends or of your company, etc, your Timeline (Twitter Feed)  is clogged up by these very accounts.

These accounts either post too much or post uninteresting content or both.  If you didn’t like someone’s account, the previous course of action would be to unfollow them, but that would be a bit rude, wouldn’t it? Plus, if it were an account of a friend or of your company, then you obviosly can’t unfollow them.

All you could do was sit and see your Timeline being taken over by these accounts which really didn’t add much to your feed’s value.

According to The Verge, Twitter is tesing out a new feature in it’s traditional way: By randomly pushing the feature upon accounts. Many users have reported seeeing a mute button in both the Android and iOS versions of the app. The new feature will allow you to ‘Mute’ other user’s account, which would stop showing that user’s tweet in your feed.

This new Mute feature is the middle ground between just staying put and unfollowing an account. It’s the perfect solution: You don’t get your feed clogged up with stupid tweets and the person doesn’t need to know that you have Muted their tweets.

This is a new feature and is in testing stage. Based on the reviews and the reviews and the feedback, which if positive, the feature will roll out fully. And if the feedback is negative, well then you all know what will happen.  We think that most likely people will give positive feedback. However, till an update enabling the feature comes, you may use Tweetdeck, which also has the feature.

Sources: The Verge


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