Amazon just made shopping a whole lot more convenient


Amazon has announced a new feature that makes shopping THAT much more convenient.

After connecting your Amazon account to your Twitter account, you may reply to any Tweet containing an Amazon Product link with the hashtag #AmazonCart and the product will be automatically added to your cart. You will receive an Email if the product is successfully added to your cart. Really convenient, isn’t it?

You don’t NEED to buy whatever you add to your shopping cart: The product you added just stays there, until you want to buy it.

Meaning if you ever stumble upon a product that you want on Twitter (Has that ever happened?) , you may then and there add it to your Amazon Cart.

This is a clever innovation on Amazon’s part. Already ┬áMaking use of hashtags to do stuff? Genius. Though it does make you getting bankrupt much more easier…

Sources: Amazon


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