Facebook changes Privacy Policy of Moves, just 10 days after acquisiton




Facebook had acquired Moves, a fitness tracking app ten days ago. Moves had promised that it would remain a separate entity and that it’s data wouldn’t be shared with Facebook.

It seems Facebook is determined to break that promise, as it has changed Moves’ privacy policy, which gives Facebook access to Moves user data. Creepy, isn’t it?

The new changes say that Moves can now share user data with third parties, including but not limited to Facebook. Facebook has worsened the matter and has stated that user data will be used and may be sold to advertisers.

The new changes will be bundled in an update to the Moves app.

Moves is a fitness tracking app with a great looking interface. It tracks your daily routine and also places you visit.

When Moves was acquired, the company has stated that it would not “co-mingle” data with Facebook. Looks like it has decided to go back on its promise. Facebook getting a hand on your fitness data is pretty creepy, what with Facebook’s reputation for selling off your data to marketers, firms and advertisers who use such data.




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