Lenovo unveils the N270p, it’s vision of how a Chromebook should be (Hint: Think Flexible)



Google Chromebooks are great laptops if all your work can be done on the web. While they won’t work for people in fields like Graphic Designing and Video editing and also for people who need specialised software, for most people, it gets the job done.

Document Editing, Multimedia and of course, Web Browsing can be done slickly on a Chromebook, thus satisfying the needs for most.

One of the biggest plus points of Chromebooks are their price. Chromebooks are sold at cheap rates (Excepting the Chromebook Pixel, of course). Plus, unlike several competing Windows Laptops in the same price band, Chromebooks are fast and have a decent build quality.

Lenovo has unveiled two new Chromebooks: The N270 and the N270p, The difference between them is flexibility and the screen: The N270p offers the ability to rotate its screen  backwards, to up to 300 degrees, Lenovo Yoga style. Also, the N270p version also has a 10 point multi touch screen, which we hope will motivate Google to make ChromeOS, the operating system for Chromebooks, more touch friendly.

Other than those two features, the N270 and the N270p are pretty much the same.

The screen is 11.6 inches diagonally and the screen resolution is 1366*768 pixels.

Under the hood, there is an Intel Quad-Core Celeron processor, which is frankly much more beefier than the ARM processor found in many Chromebooks.

There is 4GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB eMMC storage and a 1MP webcam.  On the connectivity side, there is Bluetooth 4.0 and get this, there is WiFi ac, which is the latest standard in WiFI and is found in few devices, that too flagships, Imagine having it in a cheap device!

Like all other Chromebooks, it runs Chrome OS, which is an OS pretty much dependent on internet connectivity. Get off the grid, and you are left with a crippled Operating System, which can’t do much. Stuff like Document Editing can be done offline, albeit in a limited way. You get a complimentary 100GB free Google Drive space which makes up for the low storage (16GB) ; but you can only access Drive when you have internet connectivity.

The N270 will be released in July for $279 while the N270p will be released in August for $329.

Lenovo’s new Chromebooks are possibly the best yet. With flexibility, a multi touch screen and decent performance, the N270p Chromebook is a great option. Plus, you can buy the great N270 if you are on a budget.



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